Willie Alexander

Willie Alexander: Dog Bar Yacht Club

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Willie Alexander
Title: Dog Bar Yacht Club

It took 27 yeas ti willie and the boom boom band to record their 3er album. It was worth the wait. The godfather of garage rock and his gang are back and they rock like a bunch of teenagers. This is one of the most powerful rock ever recorded.

1.1 Gravely Hill
1.2 Hey Kid
1.3 At the Post Office
1.4 Fred Buck's Footsteps
1.5 We Killed Deanna
1.6 High Tide Heroes
1.7 Oceans Condo Ill
1.8 Oh Daddy Oh
1.9 Telephone Sex
1.10 Oglala
1.11 Awww
1.12 Mystery Training
1.13 So Innocent

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