Willie Sterba

Willie Sterba: Chickens in My Hair

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Artist: Willie Sterba

Artist: Willie Sterba
Title: Chickens in My Hair

Willie has been delighting audiences with his music since 1986. His CDs for children, 'Chickens in my Hair,' ' The Dog Wants Chips,' and 'Reindeer Jamboree' are family favorites. Many people remember his family program, 'Dancing Dog Radio,' that was on air for six years and syndicated in four states. In December 2003, he released his CD, 'Where Will I Get The Courage.' These are songs for adults about love, spirit, and courage - including some songs he wrote while volunteering for six months in South Africa. Willie holds a Masters in Education and, as a children's singer, he is committed to music and entertainment that is fun and respectful of the dignity and goodness in each person. 'Thanks for bringing Willie to town and giving us a new reason the feel good about ourselves.' -from a fan "Giggles filled the room as Sterba let the children through a lively set of his original music. In face, it was hard to tell who was having more fun, the audience of Willie." -Chicago Tribune "...Extraordinary Kids Entertainer..." -Milwaukee Journal "You made a little boy very happy today. I surprised my son with your CD and he remembered every song from your concert. P.S. The rest of the family is enjoying the creativity and love that Willie is sharing." -from a parent.

1.1 Chickens in My Hair
1.2 Bodin and the Bears
1.3 Pickle Pie
1.4 Fox in a Box
1.5 Moonkees Da Na Da
1.6 Summer in June
1.7 Bug Party
1.8 Kazoo Train
1.9 Doodle Lee Doo
1.10 True Blue
1.11 These Dogs Are Takin' a Nap
1.12 Hummingbird Song
1.13 Bears to the Moon

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