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Wim Zwaag: Elements

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Artist: Wim Zwaag

Artist: Wim Zwaag
Title: Elements

Three songs on verses from Pushkin 1999 While studying at the Music Conservatory in Maastricht, I was always drawn to Russian music, in particular the works of Rachmaninov, Shostakovitch and Prokofiev. When the Soprano Janny Zomer asked me to write some songs based upon verses from Pushkin, I could not refuse, actually, I was very honoured. To combine the Russian atmosphere of the text with the western way of thinking inherent in my music required some effort, but I believe I managed to combine the two and create an authentic 'Russian' atmosphere in my songs. My long friendship with Janny helped me to write the lines for her voice. The 'Three Songs on Verses from Pushkin' had their public premiere on February 13, 2000, in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with Janny Zomer, Soprano and Nynke Eekhof on Piano. The songs are sung in Russian. Stringquartet nr.2 'The Four Elements' 1998 In March 1998 the art-photographer Liesbeth Gort came to me with the idea to create a project with her work, the dancer Divino Francisco and my music. After a few meetings we opted to create a piece about the Four Elements. The result was a photo-projection with a dance-improvisation by Divino, accompanied by me, playing the composition I created for this event: Stringquartet nr.2 'The Four Elements'. The piece was written for dance but can also be played as a concert piece. I later arranged the Stringquartet for string orchestra.

1.1 Three Pushkin Songs No. 1: Premonition
1.2 Three Pushkin Songs No. 2: A Jealous Maiden
1.3 Three Pushkin Songs No. 3 : The Storm
1.4 String Quartet No. 2 "The Four Elements": I. Water
1.5 String Quartet No. 2 "The Four Elements": II. Fire
1.6 String Quartet No. 2 "The Four Elements": III. Earth
1.7 String Quartet No. 2 "The Four Elements": IV. Air
1.8 Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano: I. Adagio-Allegro Molto
1.9 Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano: II. Intermezzo: Adagio Ma Non Troppo
1.10 Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano: III. Molto Presto

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