Winerich Ron

Winerich Ron: Hotter Than Blazes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Winerich Ron

Title: Hotter Than Blazes
Label: CD Baby

This is Ron's second album, over a year in the making, and his deepest exploration into songwriting. Ron goes deep into lyric and melody, into murky places where he doesn't belong. Never one to back down from an intellectual or emotional challenge, Ron delights in the gravelly texture of the distorted guitar, and musical contours that are sometimes angular and incongruent. While there is magnificent guitar work on the album, Ron also played keyboards on a number of tunes. Ron was fortunate to travel this gravelly road with the finest musicians ever: harmonica icon, Steve McGovern; the ever-elusive bassist, Plucky Stringfellow; the phenomenal and philosophical drummer, James Bridgman, who co-produced the album with Ron; and the extraordinary keyboardist, Michael McCrickard, whose magical touches on the title track, "Hotter Than Blazes," and on the soulful blues tune, "Cattycorner Window" blow the album into the stratosphere. The album was beautifully mastered by the legendary Gene Paul and Jamie Polaski.

1.1 Hotter Than Blazes
1.2 Dying on the Vine
1.3 Apparition of Love
1.4 Lisa's Tattoo
1.5 Cattycorner Window
1.6 The Artiste
1.7 Inertialand
1.8 Shake Your Finger
1.9 Mister Gregory Young
1.10 A Flower Growing in the Crack of a Bench
1.11 Prayer Wheel
1.12 Music, Women, and Wine
1.13 The Best Is Yet to Come

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