Winfield Smith

Winfield Smith: Strand

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Winfield Smith

Title: Strand
Label: CD Baby

Recorded in Athens, GA, using one microphone, one room, and eight tracks, Winfield Smith hands his songs over to longtime Stewart & Winfield bandmate AJ Adams, who plays some 13 different instruments to create a stripped down yet rich, evocative, and soulful record. Dreamy and melancholy, there's plenty of heartfelt emotion and great musicianship in this record.

1.1 Waited So Long
1.2 Strand
1.3 I Don't
1.4 6 or 12
1.5 Where Does My Heart Belong
1.6 Here We Go Again
1.7 Sometimes
1.8 Stumbling Blind
1.9 Sandy Britches
1.10 Louisa Place
1.11 All Those Years
1.12 Life Unwinds
1.13 7 Days
1.14 Christmas Day

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