Wing Vilma

Wing Vilma: Safe By Night

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Wing Vilma

Artist: Wing Vilma
Title: Safe By Night
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited green vinyl LP pressing. Wing Vilma is a title Miles Coleman has been using for just under a year. His debut album was created by harvesting found sound and crafting percussive sequences and melodic texture. His work is rooted in exploring the non-conventional jazz structures and grooves in an electronic context. Vast layers of dynamic percussion move vaguely familiar instrumentals across the soundscape to take the listener through the many rooms of thought housed under Coleman's ideas. At 19, this young Grand Rapids native has proved that his ear for captivating arrangements and non-conventional production styles rivals that of his seasoned peers. Safe by Night takes it time establishing mood and tension through extended rhythmic movements, often culminating in euphoric, dense finales.

1.1 Cherry Granola
1.2 8008
1.3 Night Weather
1.4 Fifth Sister
1.5 Still One
1.6 Blue Return
1.7 Daviiis
1.8 RB III

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