Winter Flowers: Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers: Winter Flowers
Title: Winter Flowers
Label: Attack 9

Welcome to the gentle world of Winter Flowers, a soft musical oasis of guitars, flutes, mandolins, glockenspiels, harpsichords, and soaring three-part vocal harmonies. Winter Flowers offer a space of fragile delights for the seeker of higher musical realms. There you will find again the lost harmonies of the Golden Age, and the other-worldliness of the Psychedelic pilgrim. In the new garden of Folk, Winter Flowers inhabit a corner all their own, singing songs laced with romance and fantasy, where they gather and are informed by the mist, mountains, and sea. Attack 9.

1.1 Misty Morning Land
1.2 End of the War
1.3 Ivory Path
1.4 Country Fair
1.5 Hey Ho There's a Lot That Cutting Us Down in the City of Electric Dreams
1.6 Sixteenth Street Sunset
1.7 Winter Bird
1.8 Why Don't You Shine
1.9 Too Young to Marry
1.10 Isle of Islay
1.11 Sea Song
1.12 Window of the Sun
1.13 White Pilgrim
1.14 Christ Bird

Winter Flowers: Winter Flowers

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