Wiretree: EP

Wiretree: EP
Title: EP
Label: CD Baby

One of the most promising recent entries into the music capitol's blossoming indie scene, Wiretree boasts a sound that spans both sides of the Atlantic, containing equal doses of some familiar American folk and Britpop marvels. As Austinist.com wrote, "Smithereens, Squeeze and the Posies all make their appearances in the influenced-by department, but so do Tom Petty, James Taylor and Brendan Benson.\' Peroni grew up in Corpus Christi where he took an early interest in music. He taught himself piano by ear at a young age, played trumpet through high school and college, and later learned guitar while working at a music store. Using Dylan and The Beatles as a guide, Peroni began a period of writing that would later lead to his first release. When grunge took hold in the states, Peroni immersed himself in the British music scene. Most notably, he was drawn to bands like The La\'s, Travis, Oasis, Pulp, and Supergrass. Though he still held the American folk icons in high regard, his record collection was a testament to the flourishing Britpop movement. In search of a better job and eager to experience the world-famous Austin music scene first hand, Kevin relocated to Austin in the mid 90\'s. After playing in several bands, Kevin became certain he needed to build one of his own in order to fully realize his vision. He quickly recruited his wife Rachel on bass and Josh Kaplan on guitar to begin performing his music live.

1.1 Give It Up
1.2 Down the Way I Walk
1.3 Make Things Happen
1.4 Find a Way

Wiretree: EP

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