Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash: Wishbone Ash (MQA X UHQCD)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wishbone Ash

Title: Wishbone Ash (MQA X UHQCD)
Label: Universal Japan

Cardboard sleeve reissue in Hi-Res CD format (UHQCD format x MQA technology). Features the DSD master in 2021, using original master tapes in Japan. The DSD master is available in 352.8kHz/24bit high resolution (perfect for MQA-enabled audio players / not digitally distributed up to this time). The mini LP faithfully replicates it's Japanese first pressing LP design (gatefold). Includes an obi faithfully replicating it's Japanese first pressing LP design. Comes with lyrics and a description. Green color label coating. Available as cardboard sleeve packaging for the first time. *The disc can also be played on regular CD players in UHQCD 44.1kHz/16bit resolution. However, MQA-enabled hardware/software is necessary to harness the full potential of this Hi-Res CD.

1.1 Blind Eye
1.2 Errors of My Way
1.3 Warrior
1.4 Like a Child
1.5 Lady Whiskey
1.6 Everybody Needs a Friend
1.7 Sometime World
2.1 Rest in Peace
2.2 Helpless
2.3 F*U*B*B
2.4 Living Proof
2.5 The Way of the World (Part 2)
2.6 Lifeline
2.7 Persephone

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