Wolf King: The Path or Wrath

Wolf King: The Path or Wrath
Title: The Path or Wrath
Label: Prosthetic Records

Having lost none of their bite, everyone's favorite Bay Area blackened heavy metal band has crafted a twelve track opus that will set 2021 off to a smoldering start. The Path of Wrath tells real life tales of existential struggles and explorations of life and death. This abrasive take on mortality and the afterlife traverses themes of judgement, salvation, and looking 'beyond the veil'. As they pick over the weight of sin and uncover the burdens of both damnation and forgiveness, ripples of pure darkness infiltrate every crevice of the album. Few do blackened heavy metal better than Wolf King. For an uncompromising, filth-drenched, smoke-infused take on the genre, The Path of Wrath delivers the goods and then some.

1.1 River of Light
1.2 Messenger of Death
1.3 Wandering Soul
1.4 Triumph of the Slain
1.5 Sanctuary
1.6 The Oath
1.7 The Path of Wrath
1.8 Incantation
1.9 Grief Portrait
1.10 Beholder
1.11 Holy Serpent
1.12 Eternal Hunger

Wolf King: The Path or Wrath

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