Wolfgang Flur

Wolfgang Flur: Eloquence Expanded: Complete Works (2CD Ltd Edition)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wolfgang Flur

Title: Eloquence Expanded: Complete Works (2CD Ltd Edition)
Label: Sfe

Two CDs. Ex-Kraftwerk percussionist Wolfgang Flür's celebrated solo works anthology, Eloquence, is reissued for it's fifth anniversary as a limited edition with an exclusive bonus remixes disc, Club Eloquence, containing a diversity of creative, international electronic re-works of the original key album tracks 'Beat Perfecto' and 'Pleasure Lane'. These two albums, packaged together in a fold out digipak with a 20 page booklet insert, are a fitting and comprehensive 34 track tribute to electronic music pioneer Wolfgang Flür's acclaimed solo career to date. Eloquence - The Complete Works remains the definitive retrospective compilation of Wolfgang Flür's solo electronic pop output from 2002 to the present day. It was in 1973 that Flür, with his then musical partner in Kraftwerk, Florian Schneider, developed the world's first electric drum pads board for their recordings and stage performances. Since 2004, Flür has been presenting house, industrial and electro music worldwide in clubs and at festivals as 'Musik Soldat'. This led to some of the amazing electronic collaborations which are gathered together on Eloquence. The bonus disc, Club Eloquence is a limited edition compilation of remixes exclusive to this anniversary edition. All the remixes intended for a spin-off Beat Perfecto remix package were collected together with the top ten remixes of 'Pleasure Lane' that were submitted to a competition.

1.1 I Was a Robot
1.2 Cover Girl (The Ninjaneer Mix)
1.3 On the Beam
1.4 Blue Spark
1.5 Staying in the Shadow - with Jack Dangers
1.6 Moda Makina (Fashion Machine)
1.7 With Ramón Amezcua
1.8 Beat Perfecto
1.9 Axis of Envy - with Bon Harris
1.10 Best Friend's Birthday
1.11 Pleasure Lane
1.12 Silk Paper
1.13 Golden Light - with Anni Hogan
1.14 I Was a Robot (Radio Edit)
1.15 Cover Girl (English Version)
1.16 Cover Girl (German Version)
1.17 On the Beam (German Version)
1.18 On the Beam (Japanese Version)
1.19 With Noyima Maki
1.20 On the Beam (Tokyo Minimal Mix)
2.1 Pleasure Lane (Imppu Remix)
2.2 Pleasure Lane (My. Cosmo Remix)
2.3 Beat Perfecto (Sigh Society Mix)
2.4 Pleasure Lane (Jerry Kay Remix)
2.5 Beat Perfecto (Perfect Mocean Remix)
2.6 Pleasure Lane (Nomad Remix)
2.7 Beat Perfecto (Ieuropean Mix)
2.8 Pleasure Lane (Mat McKenzie Mix)
2.9 Beat Perfecto (Pocket Orchestra Remix)
2.10 Pleasure Lane (Cyborgdrive Remix)
2.11 Beat Perfecto (Moon Raider + Musik Soldat Mix)
2.12 Pleasure Lane (Rool's Remix)
2.13 Beat Perfecto (Massimo Sex D'electro + Musik Soldat Mix)
2.14 Pleasure Lane (Q-Force Remix)
2.15 Pleasure Lane (Andy McDade Remix)
2.16 Pleasure Lane (Jan-M Iversen Remix)

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