Wooden Dinosaur

Wooden Dinosaur: Nearly Lost Stars

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Artist: Wooden Dinosaur

Artist: Wooden Dinosaur
Title: Nearly Lost Stars

Wooden Dinosaur consists of Michael Roberts (guitar, morin huur, singing) Katie Trautz (fiddle, singing) and Frank Roberts (marching bass drum). The twelve tracks on Nearly Lost Stars represent a new beginning for the band. Often compared to singers like Rufus Wainwright and Bonnie Prince Billy, Michael Roberts croons in a tenor both comforting and disruptive. Katie Trautz adds to the mix with clear, strong harmonies and masterful fiddle work. Rounding out the bands sound is Frank Roberts on simple but pounding percussion, and guest Craig Barowsky on trumpet.

1.1 Reminders
1.2 Can't Be Me
1.3 Ghost of Geeshie
1.4 Broken Glass
1.5 Firetrucks
1.6 Little Bells
1.7 Paper Cars
1.8 Build It
1.9 Nearly Lost Stars
1.10 Going North
1.11 You Are Not My Love
1.12 Labors of Love

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