Woodland Elves: Music of Woodland Elves

Woodland Elves: Music of Woodland Elves
Title: Music of Woodland Elves
Label: CD Baby

It was only natural to include music in The Woodland Elves project. Music is mankind's universal language. It benefits all children equally and has enormous power for bringing people together. Music is our common voice. Early exposure to music encourages children to enjoy, appreciate, and love it in all it's iterations. We believe music is important not only in our homes but also in our schools, our communities, our nation, and our world. All songs accompanying The Woodland Elves are original and, with the exception of one, have been written and performed by Russ Kendall and Shary Williamson-and the elves, of course! Read the book. Enjoy the illustrations. Listen to the music. Think about the messages within. We hope you will experience many joyful emotions. Then go forth and hug each other. Be kind. Come together. Play spontaneously. Laugh. Enjoy life. Song list: The Woodland Elves Theme Song The Woodland Elves are messengers of fun, music, nature, and imagination. We hope children will respond with enthusiasm and delight as they "hear" the woodland elves for the first time. Coco the Cat The human need to create music seems basic to life. Even animals and birds respond to music. In the book, Cocoa the Cat is much like a superhero to the elves. This song is a tribute to Cocoa. The Babbling Brook Much remains to be learned about the effects of music on our lives. We do know that music enriches our lives-perhaps that's good enough for now. The combination of nature and music has even more power to transform moments of our lives. The soothing effects of water coupled with a babbling brook becoming a life form add a fun, new dimension to a child's imagination. Mr. Moon Researchers are beginning to unravel the potential music has on the development of human beings. These observers agree that we all respond to music on some level, and it has an astounding influence on people's behavior, thinking, and being. Music is a door to the expression of all kinds of thoughts and emotions. The smallest elf, Beanpod, is expressing his feelings to the moon in this song. In My Treehouse The benefits of music in health and education are enormous. Children need to have a safe, quiet place where they can relax, heal, and be calm. The treehouse is one such place. Mr. Wise Old Owl Music speaks to every being, and every species. Birds make it; snakes are charmed by it. Whales and dolphins serenade one another with it. We think music also speaks to elves and owls, as you will hear in this simple song of communication between the two. The Journey Through The One and Only Forest This guided visualization is a meditative experience for children as they imagine they might be walking through a forest. It provides an 8-minute nature experience with sounds that have been taped in different locations throughout the United States and Mexico. Nighttime in The One & Only Forest (A Nocturnal Visualization Experience) This 30-minute guided visualization experience gives children the opportunity to enjoy a unique nocturnal experience. The story is told from the perspective of sitting high in the crow's nest of the treehouse. This song took us seven months to complete as we captured the many sounds of nocturnal creatures we wanted to include. All sounds were recorded in the United States or Mexico. One Wish Music has the power to change us. We know that music can affect our moods; it can make us feel happy, enchanted, inspired, excited, empowered, comforted-even heroic. But research has proven that music has an even more astonishing power. It is good for us-physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. This song has the power to turn a dream around. We are One (The Elf Anthem) Each of us has a unique song to sing, a voice with which to express the joy we experience in our lives. With music, we can join with others and, together, bring peace and harmony to this world. In the Elf Anthem, elves and people join together in that quest.

1.1 We Are the Woodland Elves
1.2 One Wish
1.3 We Are One
1.4 In My Tree House
1.5 Coco the Cat
1.6 Babbling Brook
1.7 Mr. Moon
1.8 Mr. Wise Old Owl
1.9 Walk Through the Forest
1.10 Night Time in the One ; Only

Woodland Elves: Music of Woodland Elves

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