Woods of Ypres

Woods of Ypres: Against the Seasons-Cold Winter Songs from the Dea

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Woods of Ypres

Title: Against the Seasons-Cold Winter Songs from the Dea
Label: Earache Records

Digitally remastered edition of this 2002 EP from the Black/Doom Metal band. AGAINST THE SEASONS was recorded in August 2002 at Spectre Sound Studios in Tecumseh, Ontario. It's Woods of Ypres' only album featuring founding members Brian McManus and Aaron Palmer, and their only release on which David Gold doesn't contribute any vocals or guitar work. This album was remastered by producer and then-bassist Dan Hulse in 2005 and re-released with new artwork that summer.

1.1 Shams of Optimism
1.2 Crossing the 45th Parallel
1.3 Sea of Immeasurable Loss
1.4 Meeting of Time and Place
1.5 Awaiting the Inevitable

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