Woorms: Slake

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Woorms

Title: Slake
Label: Jackhammer Music

Expanded reissue. A great band that achieves a pulverizing heaviness and presents something truly creative and interesting is rare... The debut album Slake immediately put Louisiana's Woorms in the same company as their famed contemporaries (Melvins, Neurosis, Down, Mastadon, Godflesh). The music was a creepy and frightening blend of sludge, doom, noise and atmospheric scapes.

1.1 Corpse Corps
1.2 Find a Meal, Find a Bed, Find a God
1.3 Veni Vidi Fucki
1.4 Stiff Upper Lisp
1.5 Urine Trouble Now
1.6 Mouth Is a Wound
1.7 Our Lady of Perpetually Shitfaced
1.8 Racist Kevin
1.9 Rise Crispy
1.10 Sore Afraid
1.11 Feed the Hand That Bites You ("Slake" Studio Out Take)
1.12 Deaf Heaven Sits ("Twitching, As Prey" Out Take, Demo Version)

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