Worgan / Perkins / Roberts

Worgan / Perkins / Roberts: Complete Harpsichord Music

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Product Type: CD

Title: Complete Harpsichord Music
Label: Toccata

The organist and harpsichordist John Worgan (1724-90) was one of the most highly respected musicians in the London of his day: Handel admired his playing, and Burney described him as 'very masterly and learned'. All that survives of his harpsichord music are a 'New Concerto', an independent Allegro non tanto and two collections, one of six sonatas and the other of thirteen teaching pieces, but they encompass an eclectic variety of styles and a surprising range of emotions - proud, spirited, witty, impulsive, touching, vivacious - making Worgan sound something like an English Domenico Scarlatti.

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