World Be Free

World Be Free: Diamond Mind

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Product Type: CD
Artist: World Be Free

Title: Diamond Mind
Label: CD Baby

The Diamond Mind is a collaboration between artist, World Be Free, and the DMND Gallery production team who consist of Goff Duty and Cyph Manhattan. After noticing a consistent sound created by the Gallery, World decided to link up with the beat makers to construct a cohesive project solely produced by the two. After picking 11 beats on the day of March 19th, 2014, World returned to Cyph's beat lab the next day to pick up the disc to begin writing. After about 4 days of intellectual diligence, World had created a masterpiece in his mind. So the following Friday, March 28th, 2014, he booked a 24 hour studio session and recorded the project all in one day. Nevertheless, on behalf of God Created Kings, DMND Gallery, Upstate Alumni and World Be Free, we present to you; Diamond Mind; the 420 album; the 24 hour LP.

1.1 Introdmnd [Explicit]
1.2 The Mine [Explicit]
1.3 Girl Meets World [Explicit]
1.4 Allen Iverson [Explicit]
1.5 The Life (Feat. King Q) [Explicit]
1.6 W.E.E.D. (When Everything Else Didn't) [Explicit]
1.7 Antonio Cruz'ing [Explicit]
1.8 Bartender (Feat. Ox) [Explicit]
1.9 Manhattan Cipher [Explicit]
1.10 I Came in Here to Put You on (Feat. Slayve Child) [Explicit]
1.11 No Love [Explicit]

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