Wovenhand: Refractory Obdurate

$17.18 $19.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Wovenhand

Title: Refractory Obdurate
Label: Deathwish Inc
Product Type: VINYL LP

180 gram Vinyl LP pressing. First US pressing limited to 329 opaque red, 768 white/blue mix and 2095 transparent green. First European pressing limited to unknown quantity on black. Passionate about the will of the Lord, this Christian rock group uses their thundering percussion, echoing vocals and dramatic electric guitars to inspire in the listener fury as much as awe. This music is as physically powerful as it is emotionally: they're the songs of a preacher confronting his audience and delivering messages strong enough to polarize, emphatic enough to shake, and, above all, unapologetic about it's prowess. If the album makes you uncomfortable, then Wovenhand will have gotten what they wanted from it.

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