Wowflower: Feverdream

Wowflower: Feverdream
Title: Feverdream
Label: Street Corner Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

A fever dream is a particularly intense or confusing dream brought on by a fever. This album was heavily inspired by the work of both Perrin Moss [of Hiatus Kaiyote] and Paul Thomas Anderson. The goal here is to establish a claustrophobic and hypnotic electronic atmosphere that can also be used as a type of narcotic to stimulate creative thinking. With some moments of ease and some of dizzying anxiety, I hope you enjoy your fever dream.

1.1 Sweat Mist
1.2 Reisin
1.3 My Head
1.4 Many Hands
1.5 Carmen
1.6 Love Dream
1.7 Nightmare Handicap
1.8 Beach Dream
1.9 Sunlight Wake
1.10 Shuffle Sheets
1.11 Back Bay on a Winters Day
1.12 Rodent Paradiddle
1.13 Sleep Paralysis
1.14 Limbo Drone
1.15 Funk Smart
1.16 Fever Dream
1.17 Poor Sport
1.18 Nap Dream
1.19 Thanks
1.20 Ronin
1.21 Take Me There
1.22 Renew

Wowflower: Feverdream

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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