Wye Oak: Tween

Wye Oak: Tween
Title: Tween
Label: Merge Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Tween is a collection of eight songs born, raised, and almost abandoned for various reasons during the years between 2011's breakthrough Civilian and 2014's reinvention-of-sorts, Shriek. Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack described these songs as "not emblematic of a step forward, but a step sideways in time." In other words, they just didn't make sense for album number five-which will happen at some point in the future. But just because they didn't belong there doesn't mean they don't belong anywhere. To wedge them onto Shriek would've been dishonest; to orphan them would've been somewhere on the line between criminal and just plain silly.

1.1 Out of Nowhere
1.2 If You Should See
1.3 No Dreaming
1.4 Too Right
1.5 Better (For Esther)
1.6 On Luxury
1.7 Trigger Finger
1.8 Watching the Waiting

Wye Oak: Tween

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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