Wyldlife: Time Has Come to Rock & Roll

Wyldlife: Time Has Come to Rock & Roll
Title: Time Has Come to Rock & Roll
Label: CD Baby

Steering far clear of a sophomore slump, Wyldlife packs up their van and heads to Atlanta on the more-than-appropriately-titled The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll. Neither the country air nor the fact that this is their first time working with a producer (Tuk, of Biters fame) brings the boys out of their comfort zone, and if it does, well, it certainly doesn't show. The result is 32 minutes of boot-stomping, hand clapping, catchy riff-raff that carries larger and longer than their self-titled release without wavering from the style and sound that got them to this point. Yes indeed, the time has come... For fans of: Biters,The Exploding Hearts, AC/DC, Slade, The New York Dolls, The Hives, Thin Lizzy, The Replacements.

1.1 The Right!
1.2 Saturday Night
1.3 Wasted
1.4 Sonofabitch
1.5 Guardian Angels
1.6 Trash
1.7 Cowboys and Slutz
1.8 Suspicion
1.9 The First Time's the Worst
1.10 Out on the Run

Wyldlife: Time Has Come to Rock & Roll

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