X-Ray Spex: Let's Submerge: The Anthology

X-Ray Spex: Let&
Title: Let's Submerge: The Anthology
Label: Castle Music UK

Stunning two CD compilation featuring virtually everything the band recorded in their original incarnation. Features the entire Germ-Free Adolescents album plus non-album singles, B-sides, Peel Sessions, Live Recordings, backing tracks, alternate versions and more. 49 tracks including 'Oh Bondage Up Yours', 'Day the World Turned Day Glo' and more. Castle. 2006.

1.1 Oh Bondage Up Yours (Disc 01)
1.2 I Am a Cliche
1.3 Day the World Turned Day Glo
1.4 I Am a Poseur
1.5 Identity
1.6 Let's Submerge
1.7 Germ Free Adolescents
1.8 Age
1.9 Art-I-Ficial
1.10 Obsessed with You
1.11 Warrior in Woolworths
1.12 I Can't Do Anything
1.13 Genetic Engineering
1.14 I Live Off You
1.15 Plastic Bag
1.16 Highly Inflammable
1.17 Prefabricated Icon Backing Track
1.18 I Can't Do Anything Backing Track
1.19 Warrior in Woolworths Backing Track
1.20 Genetic Engineering John Peel Session
1.21 Art-I-Ficial John Peel Session
1.22 I Am a Poseur John Peel Session
1.23 Identity John Peel Session
1.24 Germ Free Adolescents John Peel Session
1.25 Warrior in Woolworths John Peel Session
1.26 Age John Peel Session
1.27 Oh Bondage Up Yours Live
1.28 Identity Live (Disc 02)
1.29 Let's Submerge Live
1.30 Plastic Bag Live
1.31 I Live Off You Live
1.32 I Am a Cliche Live
1.33 I Can't Do Anything Live
1.34 Oh Bondage Up Yours Live
1.35 Obsessed with You Demo
1.36 Let's Submerge Demo
1.37 Plastic Bag Demo
1.38 I Live Off You Demo
1.39 I Am a Cliche Demo
1.40 I Can't Do Anything Demo
1.41 Day the World Turned Day Glo Demo
1.42 Oh Bondage Up Yours Demo
1.43 Genetic Engineering Demo
1.44 Art-I-Ficial Demo
1.45 Germ Free Adolescents Demo
1.46 Age Demo
1.47 Arrior in Woolworths Demo
1.48 Obsessed with You Alt Take
1.49 Day the World Turned Day Glo Alt Take
2.24 Obsessed with You [Rough Mix]
2.25 The Day the World Turned Day-Glo [Rough Mix]
2.26 Age

X-Ray Spex: Let's Submerge: The Anthology

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