Xander Harris: New Dark Age of Love

Xander Harris: New Dark Age of Love
Title: New Dark Age of Love
Label: Not Not Fun
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. The past two years have found Austin's dark lord Xander Harris (a.k.a. Justin Sweatt) on a heavy transfigurative trip, overhauling his live rig, detouring through an expansive soundtrack project celebrating the 20th anniversary of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, touring outside Texas (from New Orleans to the Netherlands), plus a host of other inner-life turmoils and metamorphoses - all of which have seeped into the synthesizer soil of his stunning second full-length, the New Dark Age of Love. Echoes abound of classic Chris & Cosey urban wasteland synth-pop, Umberto's vintage evil, and Klaus Schulze at his most candlelit and Crowleyian, but the New Dark Age of Love is unquestionably Sweatt's story to tell, and it's a tome.

1.1 Night Fortress
1.2 Tristitia
1.3 Legacies
1.4 I Still Look Young in the Dark
1.5 Vultures of Tenderness
1.6 Bring Me Their Heads
1.7 Red Sky Sprawl
1.8 When Prophecy Fails
1.9 Clear Expensive Skies

Xander Harris: New Dark Age of Love

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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