Xavier Quijas Yxayotl: Codex

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl: Codex
Title: Codex
Label: CD Baby

Traditional Mayan music. As the ritual starts and we hear the ancestral sounds, the soul awakens; we hear the drums, rattles, and the clay flutes. This music from where our soul expresses itself enables us to feel the responsibility to continue with the traditions left by our ancestors in the Codex. The Wind Whistle, ocarinas, and flute whistles imitate bird and nature sounds. The Mayan Ocean Drum creates the sound of soothing ocean waves transcending you on a journey into a spiritual world of the unknown.

1.1 La Sonrisa Del Dios Solar. [Smile of the Sun God.]
1.2 M Sica Para El Sol de la Madrugada. [Music for the Morning Sun.]
1.3 Zenzontle. [Nightingale. Music for the Moon and Stars.]
1.4 Un Rezo a Las Piramides [A Prayer for the Pyramids.]
1.5 Codice: El Camino a Palenque./Mirando El Horizonte./La Partida. [Codex:
1.6 Eterno Retorno Hacia El Origen: La Flauta Sagrada de Barro./Sonidos de
1.7 Danza Del Ma Z. [Dance of the Corn.]
1.8 Senderos Indigenas. [Indian Trails.]
1.9 Coraz N de Venado. [A Deer's Heart.]

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl: Codex

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