Xl & D.B.D.

Xl & D.B.D.: Sodom & America

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Artist: Xl & D.B.D.

Artist: Xl & D.B.D.
Title: Sodom & America

Ori Release '93, Debut album from the Christian Rapcore group which sounds like Rage Against the Machine meets Living Color, with guests Jimmy P. Brown & Mike Phillips (Deliverance), Mark Soloman and Greg Minier (the Crucified) and Super C (SFC).

1.1 Brother to the Saboteur
1.2 Sodom and America
1.3 Kiss of Chaos
1.4 Death Before Dishonor
1.5 Don't Fool Yourself
1.6 My So Called Friend Death
1.7 Die (That Settles It!)
1.8 Woman
1.9 Fatal Blow
1.10 Sifting with the Sickle
1.11 Brink of Insanity
1.12 Afrock

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