Xl Middleton & Young Sau

Xl Middleton & Young Sau: There Goes the Neighborhood

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Xl Middleton & Young Sau
Title: There Goes the Neighborhood

Two different sides of the West Coast coin collide on this disc - the uptempo, funky party sound perfected by XL meets Sau's gritty, street-savvy tales.

1.1 There Goes the Neighborhood
1.2 Mathematics (Feat. Black)
1.3 F-Plus (Feat. S-Dee)
1.4 Azn N Samoans (Feat. Mike Ula)
1.5 Money Talk
1.6 Drama (Feat. Gangsta Gold MacNificent)
1.7 All Gas No Brakes Interlude (Feat. Gas One)
1.8 It's So Sad
1.9 Kush, Purple, Dragon, Haze (Feat. Rev ; Dubble R)
1.10 Can't Take It (Feat. Meni Ru ; Adonis)
1.11 Semi Conscious
1.12 If It's Cool Wit U (Feat. Zone)
1.13 She Get Her Money (Feat. Mac Fetti)
1.14 Think Twice (Feat. Adonis)
1.15 It's All the Same/Put the Smash Down (Feat. Sly Boogy)
1.16 Sharks Come Out
1.17 Only in Cali

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