Xma's & Joanie

Xma's & Joanie: Liberation

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Artist: Xma's & Joanie

Artist: Xma's & Joanie
Title: Liberation

We are XMa\'s and Joanie. The dynamic duo. I\'m the producer/writer Joanie is the talent. Joanie hails from Chicago where she worked blues greats such as KoKo Taylor and the late Muddy Waters. When you work with the greats you tend to pick up some greatness. Being from Memphis, my influences were from Isaac Hayes to Eric B and Rakim and every thing in between including B.B. King. Our sound mixes rhythm and blues with acid jazz and house. So I don't really have a label for the sound but we call it Blusion. You can be the judge. Holla at us and let us know what you think.

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