Xposed 4Heads

Xposed 4Heads: Dumb Music for Smart People

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Xposed 4Heads

Title: Dumb Music for Smart People
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Special Limited Edition XposoRED Transparent Vinyl A New Wave band from 1982 forms for the first time to relive a past it never had. Back in 1982, Milwaukee band, Xposed 4Heads was a novelty recording project that never actually played a live gig. The band had several well-known hits on local Milwaukee radio. Now, the band forms with members who played on the original recordings to become the band it never was. The results are on Dumb Music for Smart People. It's the New Wave Now!

1.1 People Are Stupid - Xposed 4Heads
1.2 Rewind Your Behind - Xposed 4Heads
1.3 Party in My Pants - Xposed 4Heads

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