You Xue-Zhi

You Xue-Zhi: Steadfast Palm Grass

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Artist: You Xue-Zhi

Artist: You Xue-Zhi
Title: Steadfast Palm Grass

With 11 newly composed songs, this original album was inspired by the earthly soil beaneath our feet. As Mr. You's ocarina melodies travel with the wind, this heartfelt music echoes through mountain ridges and meadow fields.

1.1 New Dream Paradise [Live]
1.2 Steadfast Palm Grass [Live]
1.3 Sun Moon on the Lake [Live]
1.4 Song of the Rice Grains [Live]
1.5 Ocarina Wind [Live]
1.6 Precious Chrysanthemum [Live]
1.7 Earth Child [Live]
1.8 Hold on Tight, Tiny Hand [Live]
1.9 Dad's Hometown [Live]
1.10 Song of Harvest [Live]
1.11 Ray of Hope [Live]
1.12 Heidenroeslein [Live]
2.1 New Dream Paradise [Live]
2.2 Steadfast Palm Grass [Live]
2.3 Sun Moon on the Lake [Live]
2.4 Song of the Rice Grains [Live]
2.5 Ocarina Wind [Live]
2.6 Precious Chrysanthemum [Live]
2.7 Earth Child [Live]
2.8 Hold on Tight, Tiny Hand [Live]
2.9 Dad's Hometown [Live]
2.10 Song of Harvest [Live]
2.11 Ray of Hope [Live]
2.12 Heidenroeslein [Live]

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