Ya Ho Wa 13

Ya Ho Wa 13: Savage Sons of Yahowa

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Artist: Ya Ho Wa 13

Artist: Ya Ho Wa 13
Title: Savage Sons of Yahowa
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition of this recording from the band best known for their work with spiritual leader and health food chain owner James Edward Baker AKA Father Yod. Spiritual rock and rock, with guttural intonations on it's tongue and psychedelic blues and gospel in it's soul. Father's in the driver's seat but not in the grooves - behold, his Savage Sons go solo!

1.1 Edge of a Dream
1.2 Fire in the Sky
1.3 Just Sitting Here
1.4 A Thousand Sighs
1.5 Red River Valley
1.6 Man the Messiah
1.7 Making a Dollar
1.8 I Thought I Am
1.9 Oh Ya Ho Wa

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