Yael Bat-Shimon

Yael Bat-Shimon: When Way Opens: Live Improvisations

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Artist: Yael Bat-Shimon

Artist: Yael Bat-Shimon
Title: When Way Opens: Live Improvisations

Yael Bat-Shimon, described by The Boston Globe as an "adventurous contemporary violinist" whose improvisational work "draws on her classical training as well as non-Western musical traditions", has performed for audiences from Paris, France to Cambridge, MA. Her music was featured in the Fall 2008 edition of the arts and culture e-zine 'Zingology', which called her improvisations "fiery interpretations of European and American folk traditions squarely anchored on her classical training." In addition to her fascination with the interplay between Western and non-Western musical traditions, Yael is deeply influenced by the work of contemporary painters and dancers. She has worked extensively with choreographers in the collaborative creation of improvised works, often playing the dual role of musician and mover on stage. A Harvard graduate, she has also studied violin performance and contemporary improvisation at the Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore and the New England Conservatory in Boston. 'This CD is a great contribution to the tradition of solo improv on the violin. Yael Bat-Shimon creates a multicolored sound-world that draws people into a very intense awareness. I also appreciate her willingness and ability to stretch the listener's attention out over a period of time, and reel them in slowly.'- Stephen Nachmanovitch, author of Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art 'Violinist Yael Bat-Shimon plays somber but beautiful solo improvisations that are part traditional music, part classical and very creative. Much of Bat-Shimon's improvising is based on Jewish traditional music so there is a slightly folksy and very lyrical quality to her music. This is an album you will want to hear over and over to catch all the subtleties.'-Free Albums Galore.

1.1 Hommage to Shinoda Toko
1.2 Invocation
1.3 Wheatgrass (Feat. Ariel Burger)
1.4 Kandinsky Remembered
1.5 Black Prison Song Meets Jewish Soul
1.6 Home (Feat. Ariel Burger)
1.7 All That Passes

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