Yang Jing

Yang Jing: Pipa Concerto

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yang Jing

Artist: Yang Jing
Title: Pipa Concerto

1.1 Pipa Concerto: 1. Pipa Sounds on the River
1.2 Pipa Concerto: 2. Pipa Ballade
1.3 Pipa Concerto: 3. Pipa Sounds on the River II
1.4 Heian Music-Scope: Darkness and a Wraith
1.5 Heian Music-Scope: A Forbidden Love
1.6 Heian Music-Scope: A Passage of Time
1.7 Heian Music-Scope: Friends in Fun
1.8 Heian Music-Scope: Longing for a Eternal Image
1.9 Heian Music-Scope: Pipa Interlude - Seaside Joy
1.10 East Arc: 1. Fantasy on Rice Fields
1.11 East Arc: 2. Pipa Nocturne
1.12 East Arc: 3. Dancing Along the Shore
1.13 East Arc: 4. Enka
1.14 East Arc: 5. Ancient War

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