Yautja: Dead Soil

Yautja: Dead Soil
Artist: Yautja
Title: Dead Soil
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing of this EP of out of print and unreleased recordings, remastered and remixed, by one of Nashville's hardest working metal bands. Amazing vinyl etching. Artwork by Caroline Harrison. Transcending the concepts of modern punk and metal Yautja bring forth a thunderous chaos with nuanced precision. Three members carry the weight of thirty, with technical framework bludgeoned into the earth in the most brutal fashion. Odd time signatures, and layered vocal delivery add to the sonic maelstrom. This isn't your dad's punk. This is the crushing sound of the apocalypse happening all around you.

1.1 Dead Soil
1.2 Losses
1.3 Human Den
1.4 Denihilist
1.5 Teeth
1.6 Faith Resigned
1.7 (Etching)

Yautja: Dead Soil

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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