Yellowjackets: Blue Hats

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yellowjackets

Artist: Yellowjackets
Title: Blue Hats

The Yellowjackets return with their 2nd recording since returning to WB last year. Blue Hats is a diverse set of material, incorporating the Grammy Award winning group's stellar musicianship with funky vibes and a few surprises. The group (featuring acclaimed musicians Russell Ferrante, Bob Mintzer and others) have a substantial fan base built by years of recording and touring. The album is a strong album that will appeal to NAC, jazz and R&B fans; the band will tour heavily in support of the album.

1.1 Capetown
1.2 With These Hands
1.3 Prayer for Peace
1.4 Statue of Liberty
1.5 Coal Miner Blues
1.6 Savanna
1.7 New Rochelle
1.8 Coquimbo
1.9 Angelina

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