Yevgeniy Vostokov

Yevgeniy Vostokov: Fifteen Flavors

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Product Type: CD

Title: Fifteen Flavors
Label: CD Baby

This album was released in 2010. Techno/House instrumentals that incorporate a Middle-Eastern and Euro-Dance vibe. Club enthusiasts will want to get out on the floor and dance to this one.

1.1 Move on
1.2 Show Me Your Moves
1.3 Capricious
1.4 Volcano Lullaby
1.5 Symmetrical Synergy
1.6 Fountain Overflowing
1.7 Writing on the Wall
1.8 The Date and the Time
1.9 Liquid Hourglass
1.10 Let Me Get a Drink for You
1.11 Five Thousand Miles to Your Door
1.12 When You Enter the Room
1.13 It's Been Three Days
1.14 Come Into the Crowd
1.15 Lock the Doors and Windows

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