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Yoshi Gurwell: Gurwell, Yoshi : Music for Ballet Lovers Vol. 8 Gorgeous Moments 2

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Artist: Yoshi Gurwell

Artist: Yoshi Gurwell
Title: Gurwell, Yoshi : Music for Ballet Lovers Vol. 8 Gorgeous Moments 2

Vol. 8 contains 40 original songs like Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 6. I designed the musical direction of each song, which were then composed by my husband, Doug Gurwell. It is my belief that famous classics, beautiful ballet music, and other popular songs are all fine for ballet classes, but sometimes it is nice to have fresh music, with gorgeous melodies and fun rhythms. This has been the beginning of Gorgeous Moments,  where teachers and dancers could enjoy doing ballet to almost any genre of music.  Please enjoy the happiness of dancing with Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 8, around the world.

1.1 Waltz Upon a Time (Warm-Up Waltz)
1.2 Another Gorgeous Moment (Plié)
1.3 Slow-Drag Blues (Battement Tendu 1st)
1.4 All Day Long (Battement Tendu 5th)
1.5 Jet-Lag Rag (Degagé Ragtime)
1.6 Shibuya Polonaise (Degagé Polonaise)
1.7 Emerald Jig (Degagé Jig)
1.8 Towards the Barré (Degagé Quick)
1.9 Softly in the Morning (Rond de Jambe a Terré Waltz)
1.10 Tango de Entrigúe (Fondu Tango)
1.11 A Walk on Melrose (Fondu Slow Jazz Waltz)
1.12 Blueberry Galop (Frappé Short Version)
1.13 Blueberry Galop (Frappé Long Version)
1.14 Tango Del Campo (Grand Battement Frappé)
1.15 Waltz of the Black Sea (Rond de Jambe en L'air)
1.16 Good Friends (Adagio)
1.17 Topsy-Turvy (Grand Battement)
1.18 Valse Picasso (En Cloche)
1.19 Power of Six (Stretch Adagio) - Douglas Gurwell
1.20 Happiness (Port de Bras Short Version)
1.21 Happiness (Port de Bras Long Version)
1.22 A Walk in the Park (Tendu Degagé)
1.23 (Spring Wind) [Adagio]
1.24 (The Festival) [Pirouette Mazurka]
1.25 Sentimental Tango (Pirouette Tango)
1.26 A Wonderful Love (Pirouette Swing)
1.27 Ibérian Waltz (Pirouette Waltz)
1.28 Prince ; Princess Changement (Fast)
1.29 Prince ; Princess Changement (Slow)
1.30 Flying Kites (Small Jump Mazurka)
1.31 New Orleans Razzmatazz (Petit Allegro Dixié)
1.32 Raspberry Polka (Petit Allegro Polka)
1.33 Cranberry March (Petit Allegro March)
1.34 Struttin' (Big Jump Swing)
1.35 Invitation Waltz (Grand Allegro)
1.36 Waltz Du Bordeaux (Grand Allegro)
1.37 Crazy Fun Coda (Maneges)
1.38 Crazy Fun Coda (Fouette for 16)
1.39 Crazy Fun Coda (Fouette for 32)
1.40 Eleganté Reverance (Port de Bras)

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