You Big Me

You Big Me: Sayhello

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Product Type: CD
Artist: You Big Me

Title: Sayhello
Label: CD Baby

While almost every song on Say...'Hello' has a deeper message, they're easily enjoyed purely superficially as well: 'Swingset' is a rollercoaster ride of rhythms and melody, representing the ups and downs people encounter with depression. With some tastefully wicked lead guitar thrown in for good measure. 'My Name is John' captures the perspective on life that can be gained by looking around, but musically is a blend of Wings and Vertical Horizon. You may be depressed today, but trust that someone else has had a worse time of it. It's an unfair world, to the benefit of both good and bad. Sometimes all you need is a name, and to others that same name may get you absolutely nowhere. A poignant look at the haves and have nots. Precise songwriting and harmonically rich. 'Model Citizen' celebrates the single mother; capable of mistakes but, with no time to waste, back to the business of being tough, and sexy when she gets her chance... 'Christmas with You' is an acoustic pop masterpiece, a bright spot in a well-lit sky. It's easy in this world to focus on our own troubles, but the casting of an open eye towards the world will reveal there are much larger problems at hand. This song will leave you thinking, but still smiling. 'Red Dress' is an adult view of modern pop culture, performed with a minimalist arrangement but rife with contrasts. Modern synths vs pure acoustic guitars, Autotune vs lyrics full of double entendre. 'Pop Rocks and Cocaine' picks up the pieces and moves on; something we've all had to do. And does it with a light breeze blowing off the waters. Sometimes what we're looking for is right before our eyes. 'the Cave' chronicles the journey of one man to crawl out of his shell, and will make you laugh if you care to dig through the metaphors. 'Audrey Speaks' is like the Cars giving a personal Congratulations to the family of a new-born child. 2:46 of pure power-pop at it's finest. 'Nothin' to Do' marks the coming to terms with the real reason we all do the daily grind. Family. A deep groove, and hypnotic progression highlighted by ethereal slide guitar work. You could listen to this over and over without ever even listening to a single word. 'Cry' throws global warming back out on the table (as if it had went away....) with a song that rips and tears. No holds barred here, but you might think the subject is relationship-oriented if you're not paying close attention... and that is Fine. It works on that level, and that is intentional. 'Life, Leftover' is the last song on the disc, and the song that started this project off. A happy realization that until we're dead, we're not dead yet... no reason to stop until then either! If you're a fan of Los Lonely Boys 'How Far is Heaven' this track is a definite must.

1.1 Swingset
1.2 My Name Is John
1.3 Model Citizen
1.4 Christmas with You
1.5 Red Dress
1.6 Pop Rocks and Cocaine
1.7 The Cave
1.8 Audrey Speaks
1.9 Nothin' to Do
1.10 Cry
1.11 Life, Leftover
1.12 Swingset [Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.13 Model Citizen
1.14 Red Dress [Radio Edit] [Edit]

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