Young Statues: Flatlands Are Your Friend

Young Statues: Flatlands Are Your Friend
Title: Flatlands Are Your Friend
Label: Run for Cover

The Flatlands Are Your Friend is the sophomore LP from Philadelphia's Young Statues. The band's third release is their most intriguing one to date: From the album's opener ?Natives? until the record stops, there is an alluring, haunting and hazy ambience that makes Flatlands sound as if it is an audible dream. The intense introspection found on the band's earlier releases is taken to new, darker places by vocalist/guitarist Carmen Cirignano, whose ability to lyrically navigate inner turmoil makes him one of the most captivating young songwriters in the modern indie scene.

1.1 Natives
1.2 Run the River Dry
1.3 Don't Fight the Mirage
1.4 Got the Knife
1.5 No Shadow
1.6 Flood
1.7 Further Away
1.8 Flatlands, Pt. 2
1.9 Ain't a Bad Thing to Lose
1.10 White Noise
1.11 Strangers in a Dream

Young Statues: Flatlands Are Your Friend

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