Yurac Malki

Yurac Malki: Traditional Music of the Incas

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Artist: Yurac Malki

Artist: Yurac Malki
Title: Traditional Music of the Incas

The wonderful music of the Andes comes from the general area inhabited by the Incas prior to European contact. It includes the countries Chile, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, and Venezuela. Beautiful harp/flute melodies are accompanied by Spanish/Quechua vocals; the tone is lively, yet mournful at the same time, a very powerful combination. This authentic recording is among the finest examples of the traditional music of the Incas to be found anywhere. Historic recording, digitally remastered.

1.1 Tadonoajuspa
1.2 Aquitade P
1.3 Tinko Tosuri
1.4 Perdonaguangoi
1.5 Tristesa (Sadness)
1.6 Malki
1.7 Jiliquita
1.8 Postes (Poles)
1.9 Bolivianita
1.10 Piedrita Blanca
1.11 Taky Llacta
1.12 Mamita
1.13 El Puenta
1.14 Inti Raimi

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