Yvonne Bolton

Yvonne Bolton: Silver Threads

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yvonne Bolton

Title: Silver Threads
Label: CD Baby

Reviewer: Tim Carroll, Folkwords. 'Silver Threads' - delicious debut album by Yvonne Bolton and Alan Jordan (June 24, 2013) Yvonne Bolton (concertina, fiddle) and Alan Jordan (guitar, vocals, low F whistle, electric bass) have with their delicious debut album 'Silver Threads' created a slice of unadulterated beauty. This exquisite exercise in musical perfection includes both original material and sources from the Irish tradition to deliver an album of versatile simplicity that draws you into the resonant authenticity on offer. Their self-penned reels, hornpipes and waltzes have a surety of style gained through their immersion in their art, inspired writing and innovation fostered through the indomitable heritage of their Irish roots. Take in the reels 'The Snake Charmer' and 'Dance of the Mermaid' the 'New Beginnings' hornpipe or the seductive waltz 'Masacre de las Moscas' - all you need to endorse that statement. Equally at home working within the tradition with songs like the haunting 'Black Waterside' and the sprightly jigs of 'The Wishing Well' and 'Tansey's Favourite' this duo breathes vibrancy into every note. Two innovative jigs from Yvonne and Alan respectively 'Chicken in the Woods' and 'Dave & Pernille's Jig' showcase their liberated approach, while 'The Dreamer' complete with it's evocative piano exudes a tangible warmth. Add the spirited vitality of 'Mazurkas' plus the authority and vigorous enthusiasm of 'March/Highland/Reel' and you have a compendium of enthralling folk music. Also featured on 'Silver Threads' are Dermot Sheedy (bodhran, shaker) Joe O Dubhghaill (cello) and Matteo Cullen (piano). 'Silver Threads is a great album that truly displays the talent that exists in this country. It is an album that you will return to again and again. It is slightly left of traditional center, and is modern, bright and very appealing.' Tony Lawless, tradconnect.com. About Yvonne and Alan: Yvonne Bolton (concertina/fiddle) was born into a musical family in Killeshin, Co Laois. She is an accomplished fiddle and concertina player, composer and teacher. Under the tutelage of Tony O'Connell, Derek Hickey, Ernestine Healey, Siobhan Peoples and many others in the The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick she further developed her musical interest. In 2010 she founded the Bolton School of Music which quickly established itself as one of Carlow's leading music schools. Alan Jordan (guitar, vocals, low whistle) is originally from Curraghmore, near Claremorris, Co Mayo and now lives in Limerick. He is a versatile composer, arranger and performer. As a guitarist, his musical experience is varied but traditional Irish music is where he most at home these days. A graduate of University of Limerick's BA in Irish Music and Dance in 2008, Alan was a founding member of The Outside Track and has gigged extensively throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe, playing alongside the likes of Altan and Clannad. Launched at the Pan Celtic festival in Carlow, two thirds of the album consists of original material while the rest comes primarily from the Irish traditional repertoire, with the combination of concertina and guitar as the core sound. The arrangements vary from basic concertina and guitar to bigger sounds, incorporating the use of fiddle, low whistle, cello, piano, bass and bodhrán, with Alan also singing on two songs.

1.1 The Mermaid
1.2 The Cellar
1.3 Masacre de Las Moscas
1.4 Black Waterside
1.5 The Wishing Well
1.6 Chicken in the Woods
1.7 The Dreamer
1.8 Tippin Along
1.9 House of Hamil
1.10 New Road
1.11 Mazurkas
1.12 Christmas Day

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