Zaid Khallid

Zaid Khallid: Dread at the Control

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Artist: Zaid Khallid

Artist: Zaid Khallid
Title: Dread at the Control

What bob marley was for reggae, rick james was for funk, and james brown was for soul, Zaid Khallid is the moving force of spoken word. Mixing hip hop, funk and reggae with a touch of jazz. Zaid Khallid is a stream in the ocean of black music. Born out of the turmoil or the late 70's a nd early 80's in the city of NYC. The time of bernard goetz, yusef hawkins, Central Park, when black and white was as easy to see as night and day. Now with his debut CD title "dread at the control" zaid plans to take the spoken word scene by storm, with cuts like "civil war " and "bk" and the song "4life" dedicated to the widow of sean bell murdered by the nypd. The CD is pure fire from beginning to end. Zaid Khallid humble beginnings started from elementary school when he won the chancellors city ride poetry contest. Performed with a group of poets called jah roots around NYC at clubs like sob's, apollo theater, Sudan, and the afrikan poetry theater where he won the best poet at their annual poetry contest. Taking the world by storm one listener at a time, with a sound that is fresh and new, that inspires, the listener to do more than sit on the lines and criticize but 2 do more in life to help humanity survive the challenges that threaten the existence of mankind. Sit back and enjoy the first of more to come.

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