Zamboni: Lute Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Zamboni

Title: Lute Music
Label: Brilliant Classics

Zamboni: Lute Music / Composer: Giovanni Zamboni / Performer: Yavor Genov / Number of Discs: 1 / Length: 1 Hours 15 Mins. - Bulgarian-born Yavor Ganov studied classical guitar at the University of Sofia, where he developed an interest in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music. He has given recitals throughout Bulgaria as well as in The Netherlands and Sweden, and has performed with the European Union Baroque Orchestra. He has previously recorded the works of Giovanni Kapsberger for Brilliant Classics (2012). Recorded in 2013, Bulgarian National Radio studio. Giovanni Zamboni was one of the Masters of the Lute in 18th century Italy. His "Sonate d'Intavolatura di Leuto" contains Sonatas written in four parts, mainly on dance forms like Sarbande, Corrente, Minuet. It is music of great charm and tenderness, perfectly suited to the sweet and gentle sound of the lute. Bulgarian lutenist Yavor Genov already made a recording for Brilliant Classics of lute music by Kapsberger (BC94409): "played with elan and exquisite taste, delicate colors and deep understanding" (Klassik. Com).

1.1 Arpeggio
1.2 Alemanda
1.3 Giga
1.4 Sarabanda
1.5 Minuet
1.6 Preludio
1.7 Alemanda
1.8 Giga
1.9 Sarabanda. Largo
1.10 Gavotta. Allegro
1.11 Preludio
1.12 Alemanda
1.13 Currente
1.14 Sarabanda. Largo
1.15 Minuet
1.16 Alemanda
1.17 Currente
1.18 Sarabanda. Largo
1.19 Minuet
1.20 Alemanda
1.21 Giga
1.22 Sarabanda. Andante
1.23 Fuga
1.24 Grave
1.25 Currente
1.26 Sarabanda. Largo
1.27 Minuet
1.28 Alemanda
1.29 Currente
1.30 Sarabanda. Largo
1.31 Burree
1.32 Ceccona

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