Zazen: Of Whispers & Dreams

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Artist: Zazen

Artist: Zazen
Title: Of Whispers & Dreams

Notes from the Composer: I usually compose, from a life of traveled inspired experiences. "Bliss" is dedicated to all the healers and that calm state we seldom reach. "Buddy" is dedicated to our lovable chiweenie, with lots of personality. "Lonely Eyes" is for those solitary moments in life. "The Sun Suite" is dedicated to the Sun, which affects all our lives here on Earth and beyond. "Dance of the Rising Sun", is for the celebration of each new day and the peoples of the Caribbean. " Nona Hora", is inspired by a trip to Madrid, many years ago and enjoying the noon time bell ringing, from the local churches. "Serene Sunset" is inspired by Sunset Cliffs in San Diego California, where the locals enjoy watching the sunset. Cheers, Stephen McQuarry/Zazen.

1.1 Bliss
1.2 Buddy
1.3 Lonely Eyes
1.4 The Sun Suite Part 1: Dance of the Rising Sun
1.5 The Sun Suite Part 2: Nona Hora
1.6 The Sun Suite Part 3: Serene Sunset

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