Zero to Ballistic

Zero to Ballistic: 1776 V2.0

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Product Type: CD

Title: 1776 V2.0
Label: CD Baby

Charging out of the Rockies like modern Paul Reveres with guns at their hips, bullhorns at their lips and instruments at the ready, Zero to Ballistic unleashes 1776 v2.0 - the soundtrack to the Second American Revolution. This contemporary version of a colonial pamphleteer sweeps the musical battlefield with power, grace and groove. Blending the fierce technique of Megadeth, the exotic chunk of Soundgarden, the political snarl of hardcore and a host of homegrown flavors, 1776 v2.0 offers a melodic melting pot of patriotic resistance. Ryan Russell batters the corporate Red Coats with a withering drum barrage while the Bonnie and Clyde bass syndicate of Leslidiana Detrick and John Biocic deliver sonic depth charges that devastate the elites. Twin guitar assaults from Ali Sugerman and Kris Krompel stomp the NWO Tories but good, and Sugerman's vocals shoot laser-guided, lyrical truth bombs at the heart of government darkness. If the answer to 1984 is 1776 then the musical answer to today's tyranny is 1776 v2.0 by Zero to Ballistic! Turn it up and storm the battlements!

1.1 A Word to the Knaves
1.2 Shotgun and Revolver Problem Solver
1.3 Loud Enough?
1.4 Police State Blues
1.5 Funeral for My Career
1.6 Gold, Bitch!
1.7 Let Them Eat Snakes
1.8 Rotter
1.9 Last Call to Arms
1.10 Slaughter of the Ignorant

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