Zgto: A Piece Of The Geto

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Zgto

Title: A Piece Of The Geto
Label: Third Man Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

In a city famed for it's disparate and varied musical excellence, the Detroit-based alignment of feted electronic artist and producer Shigeto aka Zach Saginaw and rapidly rising Bruiser Brigade member ZelooperZ is an entirely natural thing. Introduced by mutual friends in the city, an instant bond was formed, and Zgto was born. A Piece Of The Geto is out August 4th on Ghostly International, with a limited edition vinyl pressing by Third Man Records. For Shigeto, this is the first time he's musically stepped out of the box of a solo artist and worked with a vocalist on a project. There is a 'less is more' philosophy with the production where the vocals of ZelooperZ are seamlessly interlaced into the fabric of the beats. It's minimal in a sense, but the emotion felt through the words of ZelooperZ makes the songs as a whole intense and heavy with sentiment.

1.1 Drownin in the Paint
1.2 Long Ass Time
1.3 Whippin
1.4 Hollow
1.5 Band Man
1.6 Remedy
1.7 Off Dat
1.8 Atomic Fog
1.9 Everlast
1.10 Unconditional Love
1.11 Unfold

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