Zielenski / Meyer / Les Traversees Baroques

Zielenski / Meyer / Les Traversees Baroques: Ortus de Polonia

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Artist: Zielenski / Meyer / Les Traversees Baroques
Title: Ortus de Polonia

Les Traversées Baroques continues it's exploration of the great repertory of sacred music from northern Europe. After Marcin Mielczewski, the ensemble has decided to turn to Mikolaj Zielenski for it's new recording, thus rehabilitating this Polish Baroque composer whose biography is no more than a long series of question marks, but whose magnificent music amply compensates for the gaps in our knowledge. Established in 2008 in Burgundy, Les Traversées Baroques dedicates it's repertoire priorities toward the countries of Eastern Europe during the 17th c.

1.1 Ortus de Polonia
1.2 Mirabilis Deus
1.3 Mitte Manum Tuam
1.4 In Virtute Tua, Domine
1.5 Adoramus Te, Christe
1.6 Canzon Viii
1.7 In Ecclesiis
1.8 Vox in Rama
1.9 Laetentur Caeli
1.10 Introduxit Me Rex (After Giovanni Pierluigi Da Palestrina)
1.11 Posuisti Domine
1.12 Visionem Quam Vidistis
1.13 Salve Festa Dies
1.14 Gloria Et Divitiae
1.15 Magnificat

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