Zip Tang

Zip Tang: Das Reboot

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Zip Tang

Title: Das Reboot
Label: CD Baby

The fourth album from the Chicago based eclectic rock band Zip Tang. Their most collaborative album to date with lyrics and lead vocals by Perry Merritt, Marcus Padgett and Rick Wolfe. Fred Faller also contributes his Curly impressions on 10,000 Nachos continuing the tradition of humor and unrestrained weirdness on tracks reminiscent of Ween like 'Tiny Little Fishes', mixed with their more serious Porcupine Tree or Pink Floyd-ish side with the darker moodier tracks 'Atmosphaerae' and 'Butterfly Tattoos'. ROCKTIMES - CD-Review / Zip Tang - Das Reboot (English Translation) July 20, 2013 Chicago-based Zip Tang have stayed true to themselves, at least as concerns their independence. 'Das Reboot' is their 4th album, and the quartet is continuing to stay clear of record labels and contracts. This self-determination also lies at the root of their unconventional and partially obscurity-free music. In my view, Zip Tang is the other progressive band whose freaky Frank Zappa references allows them to score points for their remarkable constancy. The twelve songs specified in the track list of 'Das Reboot' vary from Zappaesk music to a parallel field remotely evoking Pink Floyd. Zip Tang not only features gorgeous layers of keyboards, but also different types of saxophones performed by Marcus Padgett. Originality is the keyword on this album. Three of the four musicians employ their vocals remarkable effect. Adding to the exquisite lead vocals, the choirs help building dream castles of another kind. Even excursions into a cathedral are allowed, such as in middle section of 'I'm Still Here'. Brilliant! This interlude creates a vocal bridge between the dreamy, floating beginning, crunching rock featuring noisy guitar riffing and a massively arranged final section that threatens to rip the entire act from it's moorings. Especially the guitars and the saxophone work out on a weighty level. On the digipack track list, the band has omitted a song, and that only appears in the player... called 'Outro', lacking - to be honest - some creativity, and featuring sounds that suggest a freezing cold night. Truth be said, this hidden track could have been made into more. On the other hand though, this minute and half can easily be viewed as well as an intro for a further spin of 'Das Reboot'. What happens in-between the opening track 'Grain of Sand', featuring experimental approaches, and the above-mentioned final track 'I'm Still Here' features numerous highlights. If you're not familiar with Zip Tang, be warned that this album too delivers once again a ticket for a frantic roller coaster ride. And as is well known, once you're in, there's no going back during the ride, and during Zip Tang's 'Das Reboot', you will be taken through many unforgettable moments. But be warned... The quartet can be quite demanding on the listener. Open-mindedness is a basic assumption. Seven and a half minutes is how long 'Butterfly Tattoos' takes. And if you think this is going to be something dreamy, you're wrong. There's hardly time to breathe or calm down. The band also uses powerful dynamics and double leads to create violently rocking music. Using distorted vocals, Zip Tang serves '10,000 Nachos', featuring a naughty-sounding saxophone playing by Marcus Padgett. But rather than satiating you, ingesting this track will make you seek out a liquid capable of alleviating it's musical heat. Hasta la vista! And here they go again, tickling our auditive tubes. Zip Tang are unpredictable. 'Das Reboot' is like a powerfully stretched bow, but these four artists never go so far as to stretch things beyond the breaking point. The band never seems to leave it's own, ample universe. Apart from down-to-earth music, the listener is taken into worlds of sound whose existence one didn't know of. On the whole, the band stays off beaten paths, walking a tightrope over a deep chasm. Don't ever look down! Zip Tang possess the equilibrium it takes to cross the abyss. Even after their 4th album, the band shows no faltering in fitness. 'Das Reboot' is a melting pot. Stunning! We'd love to see them play in our country ... or at least experience through an equivalent sound medium. Joachim 'Joe' Brookes.

1.1 Grain of Sand
1.2 Atmosphaerae
1.3 Butterfly Tattoos
1.4 Massive Hole
1.5 Stop Feeling
1.6 10,000 Nachos
1.7 Thorazine Drip
1.8 Little Tiny Fishes
1.9 Three More Days
1.10 Stop Feeling (Reprise)
1.11 Animal
1.12 I'm Still Here
1.13 Outro

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