Zipperfish: Punk By Numbers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Zipperfish

Title: Punk By Numbers
Label: CD Baby

Zipperfish is a modern British punk band with a classic sound in the spirit of 1976. The filth, the fury, the snarls and swagger, are back. Tracks from the band's first album, 'Punk by Numbers', have already become something of an internet sensation - attracting favorable comments from reviewers such as: 'You guys are fantastic! Good to know someone's carrying on the torch of genuine punk rock!' 'yeah, PUNK STILL LIVES!' 'there ain't nothin' tiny about the hook in 'Small'..that is one smart, crafty chunk of pop bursting out through there..and the tasty tuneage is matched by some brilliant lyrics on tunes like 'spread the disease' and 'suburban nightmare'. rockin and spiky in equal measure!' 'Takes me back to SLF, Adicts and UK Subs. I love the snotty Brtish punk.' 'small rocks nice, dig the vibe, great sound ' 'I love it!' 'you got steady oi tunes here' 'Great songs! Great sound! Timeless, edgy, and punky swagger!' 'And 'Suburban Nightmare' must the great song from you...' 'Rob here ..playin' ... Glue...Nice!!!!!!' 'Suburban Nightmare - It's really punk rock.. yeahhh...... ' 'Hey Zipperfish ... suburban nightmare - top track :)' 'Totally refreshing awesomeness !!!!! love you guys !! brilliant musicianship and vocals..and loving everything about it !!! ticked all boxes !!' 'man i love it!! great punk feel!! respect from Chicago. G' ''THe Lesson' Rock on!!!! Ilove it' 'Yeah!! You Rock!!!!!!' 'Loving that old punk style and vibe... excellent work!' 'Loving the raw edge punk sounds. Keep rocking dudes' 'I'm diggin the ZIPPERFISH. Pure punk!' 'Oh Yeah!!!! Zipperfish we are luvin your new wave punk sounds!! 'Suburban Nightmare' 'The Lesson' 'Glue' great stuff!!'

1.1 Suburban Nightmare
1.2 Don't Blame Me
1.3 Too Much Time
1.4 Five Minutes
1.5 The Lesson
1.6 Small
1.7 Glue
1.8 Everyman
1.9 Number One
1.10 Punk By Numbers
1.11 Electric Warrior
1.12 Spread the Disease

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