Zochbauer / Koehne Quartett

Zochbauer / Koehne Quartett: Achad

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Zochbauer / Koehne Quartett
Title: Achad

The trumpeter, zither player and composer Simon Zöchbauer - known as one of the heads of the ensemble Federspiel, in demand throughout Europe - presents his first solo album. It is called "Achad", a Hebrew word meaning "one", but also in the broader sense "unity", "wholeness" or "oneness". Achad - such a lovely title for a touching musical search for meaning and self, accompanied by the famous Koehne Quartett as well as producer and electronics technician Sixtus Preiss. The great questions of our origin, current condition and the greater whole are posed to us all as listeners. Or, to put it in the words of the poet Hans Magnus Enzensberger: this is about "the beginning and the end/and the couple of minutes in between." And quite apart from that: a string quartet with trumpet sounds fantastic!

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