Zoey Wren

Zoey Wren: Make Me a River

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Artist: Zoey Wren

Artist: Zoey Wren
Title: Make Me a River

Zoey Wren's vocal debut, Make Me A River, features her amazing vocal range, compelling lyrics, and lush arrangements. Following an inspirational solo piano CD in 2003, Make Me A River interweaves aboriginal rhythms with strains of gospel, Sanskrit mantra, and sounds of nature. It is a deep, evocative journey flowing effortlessly from piano and cello to bossa nova to 3-part a Capella. This music expresses from the heart: the gentleness of a bird, the power of a rainstorm, the vastness of the sky, the gift of being human.

1.1 Brought to the Land
1.2 Black Obsidian
1.3 We Are a Circle
1.4 All My Relations
1.5 Lithuanian Mother
1.6 Let Me Be Protected
1.7 Gayatri Mantra
1.8 When I Close My Eyes
1.9 Make Me a River

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